Core i7 3820 vs AMD FX 8150 vs Phenom II X4 980 BE

Core i7 3820 vs AMD FX 8150 vs Phenom II X4 980 BE

Do you want to know what the new processor from Intel is better than AMD ? well i tell you from much better than what amd have at this time on market, but let`s see some results to understand better.


Core i7 3820      AMD FX 8150    Phenom II X4 980 BE

Power Consumption Full Load (max consumption)

229 wats                  229 wats                       196 wats

CineBench 11.5

6.85 points                  6.0 points                   4.30 points

Memory Read Test DDR3

16777 MB/s                13693 MB/s                  8209 MB/s

Memory Write Test DDR3

15220 MB/s                  10213 MB/s                 6841 MB/s

Gaming - Crysis 2

90 FPS                         73 FPS                          75 FPS

Video Processing encoding - transcoding tests

Hanbrake FPS

22.46 points              21.57 points               13.83 points

So ? for testers we have results, for gamers we have results and for video processing also we have results !

Now You know what you need to do right ? the only difference betwen those baby`s is "in the price"

So the price will be like this (+ or - depends of your location)

The Core i7 3820 costs about 300 euros , AMD FX 8150 costs about 350 euros and Phenom II X4 980 BE costs about 230 - 250 euros !!

And for Gamers Notice or Tips : For incoming games like : Risen 2 ; Grand theft auto 5 or Assassin`s creed 3 you will need some muscle so this guide is very valuable for gamers !

Tags: what should i choose ? which is the best ? which is better and more efficient ? should i choose intel ? should i choose amd ? please give me advices, recommended

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